How to search for a bill

Quickly and easily find the bills that matter to you

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Plural's bill search feature searches the title and text of bill for the exact word or phrase you've entered into the bill search bar.

Each time you log into Plural, you will be automatically directed to the homepage, which also houses the bill search feature. 

If you navigate away from the homepage, you can quickly and easily find your way back at any time from within Plural by clicking the Plural logo in the top left corner of your screen or by navigating to the left sidebar in Plural and selecting "Search" > "Bills."

red arrow pointing to bill search menu in Plural

Once on the bill search page, you can begin searching for bills in two easy steps:

  1. In the search box, enter keywords, bill numbers, or the names of legislators. If you want to further refine your search terms, you can also incorporate boolean search operators such as quote marks (") and plus signs (+).
    bill search bar in Plural
    After entering your search terms, select the legislatures that you want to search within. You can search within state legislatures, as well as Puerto Rico, the U.S. Congress and the District of Columbia. You may also choose “Select All” to search legislatures in every state. Note: you can only search within legislatures that your organization has purchased access to.

snap shot of list of jurisdictions that can be searched within Plural

2. Once you have selected your legislature(s), click the “Search” button

Advanced Search Options

Plural offers a variety of advanced search options that are accessible to you by clicking on the “lever” icon that appears directly to the left of the “Search” button. 

red arrow pointing to advanced search button next to search button on Plural's bill search page

While Plural searches within current legislative sessions by default, under the advanced search options, you can also choose to search bills from previous sessions.

Additional advanced search options also include the ability to limit search results to the Lower Chamber/House or Upper Chamber/Senate, by the bill’s status, by legislation type, by bill action or by AI-detected bill topic.

You can also refine the search to include or exclude your tracked bills or bills with momentum.