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How to create an AI-generated bill summary

Understand the basic contents of any bill without having to read or skim the full text of the bill.

Plural's AI-generated bill summarization tool can save you hours of time when needing to sift through many bills to find the ones that are of most relevance to you. 

To create an AI-generated bill summary, navigate to a bill page in Plural.

Once on a bill page, in the "DETAILS" tab to the right of your screen, navigate to the "Plural's AI-Generated Bill Summary" tool just below the "Bill Title" or "Bill Summary" section.

Then click the "Generate" button to the right of "Plural's AI-Generated Bill Summary."

arrow pointing to AI-generated bill summary tool on a bill detail page in Plural

Within a few seconds of clicking "Generate" Plural will show you the AI-generated bill summary.

excerpt from a bill page in Plural showing the original bill summary from the legislative website and the AI-generated bill summary

Note: The "Bill Summary" that appears above "Plural's AI-Generated Bill Summary" is the verbatim bill summary text from the original legislative website (if available). The bill summary text shown below "Plural's AI-Generated Bill Summary" is the AI-generated summary.

Is the AI-generated bill summary tool available for all jurisdictions in Plural?

Almost! At this time, the AI-generated bill summarization tool is available in all U.S. jurisdictions in Plural EXCEPT:

  • U.S. Congress
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Tennessee

What's the difference between the bill summary from the original legislative website and the AI-generated bill summary?

Not all legislative websites provide bill summaries. Even in cases where summaries are available from the original legislative website, they are often like the bills themselves: lengthy and difficult to read. They can often lack key context necessary to highlight essential aspects of bills.  

Plural's AI-generated summaries can significantly expedite the bill summarization process by extracting the most relevant information and presenting it in a concise format. They enable decision-makers to quickly grasp the key aspects of proposed legislation, facilitating more informed and timely decision-making.

How do AI-generated bill summarizers work?

AI bill summarizers work using text summarization capabilities. Text summarization is a powerful technique in natural language processing that involves condensing a piece of text, such as legislative documents, into a shorter, more concise text while retaining key information.

Today, we can use Language Models (LMs), which are trained on vast amounts of text data to achieve the ability to generate human-like language. These LMs are generative models that can create text beyond simple sentence extraction or rephrasing. They can understand information and generate summaries that may not have been explicitly present in the original document. 

Further, LMs can be fine-tuned for a particular domain or task. For example, they can be designed to capture the unique language patterns, terminology, and context specifics of bills.

Note: This feature is only available with premium plans. Explore plan options >>