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Where can I find vote data?

Get quick access to vote data for bills and legislators.

There are two places within Plural to find legislative vote data:

  1. A bill detail page
  2. A legislator profile page

Note: Vote data is NOT available in Plural at this time for the following jurisdictions:

  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma

Where to find vote data on a Bill detail page

Once in a bill detail page, select the ACTIVITY tab found towards the top right of the page.

Within the ACTIVITY tab, below the notes section, you will see a list of actions associated with the bill. If the bill has come up for a committee or floor vote, this information will be displayed among the list of bill actions. 

Vote actions are indicated by a green icon, with text that includes the word “VOTE” and an icon towards the far right of the action box displaying the outcome of the vote.

Pro tip!

To quickly find vote information within the ACTIVITY tab of a bill detail page, you can filter the list of actions to only display Vote history.

Where to find vote data on a Legislator profile page

To navigate to a legislator profile page, you can either click on the legislator’s name found in the DETAILS tab of a bill detail page, or find the legislator via the Explorer/Jurisdictions page.

From within the legislator profile page, select the VOTE HISTORY tab furthest to the right in the center of the page. The VOTE HISTORY tab provides a full list of the legislator’s voting record, beginning with the current or most recent session.

Note that this page also includes options towards the top of the list to display vote data from past sessions, and to sort the list by oldest action.

Clicking on any of the listed bill numbers will take you to the bill detail page for that bill, which includes the full text of the bill, as well as other key details about the bill.

If the legislator has no vote history, the following message will appear.