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What's included in a "Current Session" in Plural?

How Plural determines what the "Current Session" is

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You will find reference to a "Current Session" in the bill search feature of the homepage or on a Bill Detail page.

Plural uses three factors to figure out what counts as the "Current Session:"

  1. Regular sessions

  2. Special sessions

  3. Prefiles

When a jurisdiction has an active regular session, then the "Current Session" is simply that session

  • e.g. "2022 Regular Session"

If a jurisdiction has a special session and a regular session that are active at the same time, then the "Current Session" is both sessions

  • e.g. "2022 Regular Session" and "2022 Special Session A"

If a jurisdiction has no active sessions (regular or special) and the jurisdiction does not have any prefiles, then the "Current Session" includes all sessions that were active during that year.

Once a jurisdiction has prefiles available, the "Current Session" rules are as follows:

  • When there are only prefiles available (no active regular session or special sessions), then the "Current Session" is the session for prefiles.
  • When there are active sessions, then the "Current Session" includes both the session for prefiles and the active sessions.